Innovation that empowers the modern investor

Auction Clue was borne out of necessity with the investor as the focus. We understand that preparing for and attending foreclosure auctions is difficult at best. You spend countless hours researching the properties, you attempt to do site inspections, all while you’re maintaining your current properties. You know that less than one out of four of the properties that you put your precious time into will be available for bidding. Time is your enemy and information is your ally. Getting the property information to start your vetting process is critical and receiving it quickly is necessary.

After making that huge investment in time and effort you finally make it to the auction ready to bid. But if you miss the auctioneers call, your opportunity vanishes in an instant. Shuffling thru papers, scrolling thru spreadsheets, scrambling to at least find the property is just part of the territory.

Even if you get to the property you don’t always have all the information you need to make the best informed decision. Are you sure this is a first mortgage? Is there a federal lien attached? How much in back taxes are owed? Is it occupied by owner, by tenants or is it vacant? The questions goes on and on and all that info does not fit in a small section on a print out.

Auction Clue simplifies the auction investment process. We start by doing the majority of research necessary to know if you should consider that property. We provide that information up to 30 days in advance of the auction. We provide a mobile friendly optimized search that can bring up all the property info in less than 2 seconds! We even allow you to make notes and enter your own metrics to determine the max bid you are willing to offer.

We now present you with the opportunity to have our team be your team.

Instant Search

Let our system bring the property info to you instead of missing your opportunity. Our instant search system allows you to be ready to place your informed bid before the auctioneer starts the bidding. Don't settle for frantically flipping thru pages or scrolling thru spreadsheets like the other guys. Hard to believe? Try it out and see!

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Don't get stuck with a lien!

Surprises are unavoidable in property investment, but our aim is to limit the fatal ones. Property and borrower liens are a significant part of foreclosure investing. Understanding what liens survive a foreclosure and which do not can be challenging. Even if you do understand the complexities the effort alone is a daunting task. Add the fact that only 20-25% of foreclosures make it to auction and you have a recipe for disaster! Allow our trained professionals to do all the above and let you invest with confidence.

Know What you're bidding on!

Don't be left in the dark. You need to know as much as you can to make those split second decisions. You need the full clear and bright picture in order to make the right decision. We provide the information to make an informed decision.

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